YouWinLaw 2016 - new Possibilities and Simplifications

and you have more time for your priorities!

At a glance:

YouWinLaw TimeTracker

The New Method of Fee-Collection

YouWinLaw TimeTracker records all activities on a computer, it can automatically assign activities to clients / cases and create appropriate fee entries. And you do not need to start or stop any timers.

Today many lawyers work independently (and a lot) on the computer:

  • Read and reply to e-mails
  • Create / Edit documents
  • Investigation
  • Reading
  • etc

You create, for example, a document with YouWinLaw and edit it further, then the TimeTracker automatically knows the associated client and the amount of time and can accordingly propose a fee entry.

Even the computer inactivity can tell us a lot: e.g. we check if  there is an appropriate appointment in YouWinLaw and if so, we will make a corresponding fee proposal.

Thus, it is possible to review the various activities at the end of the working day and to accept the proposed honorary entries (or modify them).

And so hopefully nothing is lost!


IPhone / IPad App

Many lawyers have expressed a desire to see some data and documents out of YouWinLaw on their iPad. In a first step, we have programmed a YouWinLaw Viewer, on one hand to build our know how with Apple and IOS technology, on the other hand directly to create a productive App.

An important criterion was the possibility to transfer data and documents to the IPad and IPhone directly through WLAN only (and not via a cloud service). Of course we also support cloud providers like OneDrive etc.

Document Previewer:


Open in Microsoft Word (on the IPad!):




Full-Text search incl. Documents and Outlook

For smaller and medium-sized law firms, there is a need for an inexpensive full-text search (documents and Outlook items such as emails, attachments, contacts, appointments etc.) in addition to the present YouWinLaw Full text search in the database.

We have partnered with a company that specializes in the full-text search. We can integrate this solution into YouWinLaw accordingly and will offer this as an option.

Microsoft Excel

YouWinLaw now supports Microsoft Excel (tables / workbook - documents and templates) in the YouWinLaw Document Automation. You can use Excel workbooks the same way as Word documents

  • Full support of YouWinLaw bookmarks incl. your own defined fields
  • Automatic saving with corresponding entry in the client file

Microsoft PowerPoint

YouWinLaw now supports Microsoft PowerPoint (presentations and templates) in the YouWinLaw Document Automation. E.g. you can use  PowerPoint presentations like your Word documents

  • Full support of YouWinLaw bookmarks incl. your own defined fields
  • Automatic saving with corresponding entry in the client file


Microsoft Office 2016 / 365

YouWinLaw 2016 supports Office 2016, especially the new features of Word and Outlook.

Document Automation

New easy ways for organizing your templates / template collection

You can organize your templates (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in your own folder structure with Windows Explorer.

Automatic display of Folder and template names in the YouWinLaw Document Automation.

Additional adjustments / definitions in YouWinLaw are not necessary! Automatic saving included.


Windows Explorer:


Your own templates collections will be available additionally to the existing standard templates (previous versions of YouWinLaw).

Easily create new templates

You do no longer have to save a document as a template (.dotx, .xltx, .pptx), YouWinLaw can use "normal" documents (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) as templates.

Example: You have created a contract for a client, you also want to include this agreement in your template collection for contracts:

  1. You open this document in Word, then select "Save As" and search the folder for your template collection. Click on Save.
  2. Now you have created a copy of the contract, now anonymise the document and add appropriate YouWinLaw bookmarks for client name, address, date, your custom fields etc..
  3. When you have finished, you save the document. And ready is the contract template, it is immediately visible in YouWinLaw and can be used accordingly!


Own data / fields / bookmarks

In YouWinLaw 2013 we introduced  possibilities for your own fields on client / project level, Contact / Address / Person-level and even in the link-level (client to address). In YouWinLaw 2016 we have expanded these possibilities.



You can use your own defined Fields in a template like the predefined bookmarks like [address] etc.. This, not only in Microsoft Word or email, but now also in Excel and PowerPoint.

You can drag the bookmarks with drag & drop by the administrator directly in a template (document), Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Automatic creation of documents (used repeatedly)

In addition to the YouWinLaw bookmarks and your own fields, there is a wish for further opportunities as rule-based bookmarks, conditional text and input of decisions as well as other information.

Therefore, we are looking for a dialogue with YouWinLaw customers or others who are interested in these features: Contact Jan Laukemann directly.

We will not try to replace HotDocs, Xpress Doc, Contract Express etc. with all their features, but we have a great advantage: all linked data are already stored in YouWinLaw!


Dashboards / Overviews

For the individual user

YouWinLaw 2016 proposes an overview of key figures and trends incl. graphics for the individual user.

Here you find additional important information, which should make the work of the lawyer or  other user simpler and clearer.

Daily Highlights

You can enter special or important activities / services / goals achieved in one day in "Highlights". So you have the context for your time / activities and you have an overview of your activities in the past (for example: What I have done two weeks ago?).

For the law firm

We have developed a specialized Dashboard for overview of the firm with corresponding indicators.

YouWinLaw Analytics

With the YouWinLaw Analytics Option (formerly MIS YouWinLaw, now also for smaller firms), you can create special reports that are not present in the YouWinLaw reporting.

You can, for example, with the integrated pivot table simply organize the data with drag and drop, and view them. Next, you can export the generated report for further processing to Excel.

YouWinLaw Workflow

The Workflow option allows you to create automatic follow-up tasks in YouWinLaw and thus optimize work processes in the firm.

YouWinLaw #Hashtag

You can insert a #hashtag (freely selectable) in any text in YouWinLaw, such as a reminder for a follow-up (#FollowUp).

A separate overview shows all inserted hashtags and with one click, you can open the corresponding entry.

Thus, the assignment of categories is not necessary and you are much more flexible!



Emojs and Unicode

YouWinLaw understands now extended characters like Emoji (smileys) or Asian / Arabic characters.

Drag & Drop from Outlook e-mails / attachments directly in YouWinLaw

Improved Drag & Drop: You can now drag e-mail and / or attachments directly to the client / case Explorer, without having to open the client file. And there are no annoying dialogs anymore. The same applies to the drag & drop directly in the client file. The reverse way (from YouWinLaw in an e-mail draft) works fine also.

Other new features

New type of invoice templates

Today's invoice templates are using VBA / Macros and are correspondingly complicated, but are very flexible. Nevertheless for customers who are looking for an easy and simple way to modify the invoice templates on their own, we have added a new type of invoice templates that can be adapted as a normal document (without macros) but with the new bookmarks.

YouWinLaw supports Kerberos Authentication with MS SQL Server

Kerberos is designed to provide a secure and unified authentication in an unsecured TCP / IP network on secure host computers.

Microsoft Azure

YouWinLaw can communicate directly with a MS SQL server which is located in the Microsoft Azure cloud, it even works with a mobile hotspot.

Many more improvements

Often small improvements, but that have great importance for the daily work.


The new features are in the user testing phase.

If you order YouWinLaw 2013 now, you will receive the upgrade to YouWinLaw 2016 for free! Please note: See our price list - from 1st of January 2016 new prices.


Many of the above features have been developed because of suggestions from our customers!

Get back in touch with me if you have ideas, suggestions or criticism. Even the smallest improvement in YouWinLaw is very important to us!

With best regards              

 Jan Laukemann



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