What is YouWinLaw?

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Though most of us are software engineers and developers, we all have a wealth of experience in law firm administration, so we know how challenging it can be for law firms to juggle so many daily tasks. That’s why we created YouWinLaw: to help legal professionals complete daily chores more easily, making their law firms more efficient.


We thus have a great appreciation for practical, easy-to-use designs, and we’ve made sure that YouWinLaw:


  • Is easy to use without the need to read the manual first
  • Provides all of the important information at your fingertips
  • Offers the functionality you expect in a law firm and does so in an all-in-one program
  • Has a nice, responsive design
  • Provides full control over data and documents
  • Integrates with the programs you are already using (such as Word, Excel, Outlook...)
  • Is available at affordable, transparent prices
  • Can be installed and set up by the non-technical user


Because our company specializes in law firm management software, we can respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests. Actually, our customers are the real developers of YouWinLaw! We highly value your questions and concerns because these help us to improve and optimize YouWinLaw. In the long run, this direct email support saves us money, since we don't have to set up a call center to handle the support side. Who wants to talk to someone in a call center when you can communicate directly with the software creators? And in turn, you save money, because we can offer our software at affordable prices.


We invite you to try our law office management software so you can experience an optimized work experience. If you have any questions, please consult our knowledge base or contact us at support@youwinlaw.com. We’re happy to help!


Kind regards,



Jan Laukemann

CEO and Developer


and the YouWinLaw Team

"YouWinLaw is very user-friendly. It completes all of the tasks of my previous office software at a fraction of the price. The support staff is helpful and always provides a prompt response. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase."


- K.H.

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