How do I use Placeholders in a template?

Open the template to be modified

You can do this directly from YouWinLaw:
Select the template in the window "Templates" and right click to get the Context Menu.
Click on "Modify Template".

The corresponding program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) will start automatically and
open the template (A):


At the same time, the Placeholder Window will open up (B). Here you will find all

In our sample, you can already recognize some Placeholders in the template,
like [Address].

All Placeholder names have square brackets around them.




When YouWinLaw creates a document (C), all placeholders in the template are replaced
with the corresponding text.


In our case, the [Address] placeholder are replaced with the receiver address.












Add a Placeholder to the template

We want to have the saved document name after the Owner Initials:


Select the [DocumentName] placeholder in the placeholder window and click
the button "Copy".

In the template (D) right click at the position where you want to paste the
placeholder name. Click on Paste in the context menu. You should now see
the placeholder name in the template [DocumentName].

TIP: You can Drag & Drop a placeholder name directly to the template.

Now you can format the placeholder name as you want using the formatting


Save the Template


Create a document in YouWinLaw based on the modified template.

You should now see the replaced placeholder (document name) as shown
in the screen shot (4).






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