YouWinLaw is organized according to the activities of a law firm, the menu is designed accordingly(Tabs). The Help menu at the top on this page, correspond to the menu / tabs in YouWinLaw.

What's where in YouWinLaw?

Move the mouse over the image of YouWinLaw below and corresponding explanations are displayed on the left.


How long can I use the Starter Edition, any limits?

As long as you like! There's no time limit on the Starter Edition. The Starter Edition is a full working version, except that the number of Clients / Cases is limited to 5. After you purchase YouWinLaw and enter the license code, this limit is removed.

Do I have to reinstall YouWinLaw after using the Starter Edition?

No, when you receive a valid license / activation code after purchasing YouWinLaw, the Starter Edition will convert automatically into a full version of YouWinLaw, and all your addresses / contacts and clients / matters will be preserved.

Which Windows operating systems does YouWinLaw run on?

- Windows 7

- Windows 8

- Windows 10

How is my data saved in YouWinLaw?

You remain in full control of all your data and documents. All the data in YouWinLaw is saved in a single database. All the documents are saved in your YouWinLaw folder (normally located in your Documents folder or on your file server). Even emails from Outlook are copied and saved as documents (of course these can still be viewed in Outlook).



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The YouWinLaw Manual is installed with the Starter Edition. Latest version of the documents can be downloaded here:


More users / network

Can YouWinLaw be used on a network?

Yes, YouWinLaw Workgroup Edition supports up to 5 users.
The Enterprise Edition supports up to 300 users.

Can I test the YouWinLaw Starter Edition on my network?

Yes, you can install the Starter Edition on multiple PCs with one central database (you are limited to one timekeeper when using the Starter Edition).


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