How do I create a new Email Template?

Click on Menu / Tab "Document Automation"

Click on the button "Create Email" to open the Document Automation Window.

If the window "Templates" is locked, just click on any Client in the Project Explorer to activate.

Select "Quick Email Templates" in the window "Templates" and right click to get the Context Menu. Click on "Explore Template Folder".







The Windows Explorer window opens:

Use this folder to copy / modify / create your Email Templates (or Subfolders to organize your Templates).

YouWinLaw supports Emails / Templates from Outlook.

You can even use Emails (.msg instead of .oft) as Templates. This makes the handling even easier!

You can create a new Email or modify an existing Email. Use Outlook to save the Email direct in this folder.

The name of the template (or subfolder) will automatically be used.



Sample Email with placeholders:

After making changes in the text and inserting placeholders, save the email into the Quick Email Template Folder:

  1. Click on "File" in Outlook (Message):

  2. Click on "Save As" (or "Save" if you want to replace existing template):

  3. Navigate to the YouWinLaw Quick EMail Template Folder:

    - Enter a descriptive File name,
    - select "Save as type" the "Outlook Message Format: - Unicode (*.msg)"
    - click on "Save"

    The name of the template (or subfolder) will automatically be used.

Test the new Email Template!

in YouWinLaw select the new template:

Result in Outlook:


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TIP: Email Template Workflow:

  1. Take (open) an existing email
  2. Neutralize the content in the email and add placeholders
  3. Save the email with a descriptive name in the Quick Email Templates Folder
  4. Switch to YouWinLaw and refresh the Template window
  5. The new template should now be visible and can be used immediately.


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